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April 29, 2020

How to create an unforgetable Mother's Day at Home

mother's day

Mother's Day is coming up and because of the situation of the Coronavirus in the our country most of us will need to celebrate at home.

So our team decided to put together a few tips to help all the Dad's out there plan an unforgettable Mother's Day. 

#1 tip: Make a homemade breakfast or brunch

It does not need to be a complicated recipe. You can make a quiche, omelette or just have pancakes, eggs and bacon. The effort is what counts the most. Also, get some orange juice and fruits like strawberries for an extra touch of freshness. 

#2 tip: Set the table or have a picnic

Setting the table with flatware, plates and glasses really makes anything that extra special. Add tablecloth and napkins if you have it. You can also get a blanket and bring everything outside to your backyard and have it outdoors.

#3 tip: Have the kids make cards

Nothing makes a mother happier than having something made by her kids. Get the some paper and the crayons out and let the kids have fun. You can also help them cut and glue heart shapes to add to the card. 

#4 tip:  Plan a family walk outside or an afternoon in the backyard

After brunch don't let the kids just go back to their PlayStation or cellphones. Spend some quality time together. It is always a great idea.

#5 tip: Get her flowers

Who doesn't love flowers? A pretty and colorful bouquet is a great way to brighten her day. It's spring season so you'll have lots of options even flowers from your own yard. 

We hope these few tips help you create an amazing moment for your family!

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Feb. 5, 2020

Decade Review


At the beginning of the new year and new decade, it’s worth reflecting on the past year and past decade in the housing market.

We’ve spent more than 10 years recovering from the housing bubble that burst in 2006.  That was the peak of the market when 20% annual price increases came to a halt.

Consider that the median price for a home in 2002 in Anne Arundel County was $189,000!

By 2006, at the peak of the market it was $344,100! That’s an 82% increase in 4 years!

The market hit bottom in 2011 with the median price down to $280,000—a 22% drop in prices. 

To put things in perspective, it was not until this year that the median price for houses exceeded the median price of homes at the peak in 2006 (355,000 in 2019).

Think about that, it has taken 13 years to get back to where we were with housing prices in 2006!

Let’s turn to more recent times.  We’ve seen appreciation approaching 4.0% annually since 2016 and almost a 4.5% in prices in 2019.  Considering that inflation (CPI) has barely exceeded 2.0% during that same time, homeowners have benefitted nicely.   So, it’s a good time to sell, if you are considering doing so and the horizon for buyer’s continues to look good from a personal wealth standpoint as well.

Given the continuing relatively constrained housing inventory, housing prices are likely to outstrip inflation for some time, though fortunately any return to the excesses of the early 2000’s seems extremely unlikely at this point. 


Mike Davis

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Dec. 30, 2019

New Year's Game


What an awesome game to play this new year with your friends and family.


This game is a big hit for New Year’s Eve. It’s a great way to get the party conversation started with questions like: Best Song of the Year, Best Movie of the Year, Most Embarrassing Moment, etc. The questions will get your friends and family thinking back on their favorite moments of the year. Some of their answers will get the crowd roaring, while others will make everyone reflect. It’s pretty great to find out why everyone laughed the hardest they did all year long. And one of my favorite questions is Best Piece of Advice You Were Given This Year.

Just put all the cards in a glass bowl and pass them around. Each guest picks a card and they have to answer. Then throw your card back in and pass around again!

Free download here.


Original by https://www.aliceandlois.com/


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